Addressing gaps in coverage to improve maternal health

Monday, February 15th, 2021

Maternal Coverage and Health

Mississippi Medicaid pays for the pregnancy-related healthcare for over 60% of Mississippi births each year. Many pregnant Medicaid participants would not have been eligible for Medicaid prior to their pregnancy increasing the likelihood that they have gone uninsured for some time. Healthcare and policy experts have recommended extending postpartum coverage to support improved maternal and child health.

Why this is important

More than a third of births covered by Mississippi Medicaid occur to women with at least one known pregnancy risk factor. Maternal health strongly impacts infant health outcomes like preterm birth, a dangerous condition for infants and a top cost for Medicaid. Postpartum health coverage for women provides an opportunity for women to access treatment to fully address pregnancy-related injury and illness and access family planning services both of which support women’s health as well as the health of future pregnancies.