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Mississippi Health Information Network (MS-HIN)

Telemedicine in Mississippi

Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives: A Survey of Mississippi Health Care Providers

Preventing Unintended Pregnancy in Mississippi

Contraceptive Access, Choice, & Utilization: A Survey of Mississippi Women

Academic Health Centers: Governance Models and UMMC

Rural Hospitals: Economic and Health Implications in Mississippi

Developmental Screening in Early Childhood

Mississippi Medicaid Costs Attributable to Tobacco

Assessing the Impact of the Mississippi Healthy Students Act on Childhood Obesity

Implementing Sex-Related Education in Mississippi Public Schools

Childhood Obesity in Mississippi: Prevalence and Trends

Hand-Held Mobile Device Use While Driving

Health Insurance Coverage & the ACA: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Mississippi Adults

Health Insurance Coverage in Mississippi

Childhood Immunizations: Mississippi’s Mandatory School Immunization Law

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