Health Reform Implications for Employers

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

The Georgia Health Policy Center, the Center for Mississippi Health Policy, and the Florida Public Health Institute have partnered to release a health reform package for employers. The package includes a policy brief and an interactive small business calculator. The brief focuses on provisions in the Affordable Care Act (health reform) specific to employer-sponsored health insurance plans. The 50-State Health Reform Calculator for Small Businesses©, an online tool, offers for-profit and non-profit small businesses the ability to estimate eligibility for tax credits through health reform.

Policy Brief

More than 90% of Americans with private health insurance obtain that coverage through employer-sponsored plans. The Affordable Care Act (health reform) targets the link between employment and health insurance. Provisions of health reform that affect employer decision making are highlighted in this policy brief.

50-State Health Reform Calculator for Small Businesses

If small employers (fewer than 25 FTE’s) do offer coverage and the employer has a generally low-wage workforce (average annual wages less than $50,000), the employer may be eligible for temporary subsidies to offset some of the costs of offering plans. Firms eligible for such subsidies can claim them through their tax returns starting in 2010.