Highlights of the 2012 Legislative Session

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

The 2012 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature began on January 3, 2012, and ended on May 3, 2012.  The following is a list of selected health-related bills that were passed by the Legislature during this session (click on the bill number to access a copy of the bill):

Health Care Delivery System
SB 2670 – Patients Right to Informed Health Care Choices Act; enact. (Kirby)

Injury Prevention
HB 1203 – Motorcycle crash helmets; revise certain laws regarding. (Zuber)

HB 1281 – Pool enclosures; authorize municipalities to regulate. (Baria)

HB  703 – State employees health insurance plan; extend repealer on requirement that state pay certain amounts toward cost of. (Formby) 

HB  768 – State Health Insurance Management Board; revise to allow Commissioner of Insurance to be represented by his designee. (Chism) 

HB  997 – Deputy State Insurance Administrator; delete requirement that State Health Insurance Management Board must employ. (Chism) 

SB 2324 – Dental insurance; delete repealer on prohibitions against certain provisions in provider contracts. (Carmichael) 

SB 2586 – Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool Association; increase membership of board of directors. (Carmichael) 

HB  412 – Psychologists; extend repealer on the education and supervised experience requirements for licensure. (Formby) 

HB  417 – Physical therapists; extend repealer on certain provisions relating to licensing and discipline of. (Formby) 

HB 1151 – Certification to practice orthotics or prosthetics; exempt pharmacists and pharmacies. (Hamilton) 

SB 2526 – Professional art therapists; update educational qualifications for licensure. (Bryan) 

SB 2527 – Mississippi Respiratory Care Practice Act; make technical revisions to. (Bryan) 

SB 2700 – Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECC); provide for licensure by the State Department of Health and Medicaid reimbursement. (Bryan)

SB 2715 – Nursing home administrators; extend repealer on licensure requirements for. (Blount) 

HB  316 – Children’s Health Insurance Program; transfer administration of to Division of Medicaid.(Chism) 

HB  421 – Medicaid; extend repealers on various provisions in Medicaid program. (Formby)

HB 1297 – Health insurance claims; revise reciprocal time limitations for audits of claims made by Division of Medicaid. (Barker)

HB 1391 – Medicaid; develop and operate a data match system to verify assets of applicants and recipients. (Howell) 

Mental Health
SB 2710 – Mental health facility standards; not require psychiatrist assessment. (Sojourner) 

HB  423 – Prescription drugs; drug task forces shall collect from residential sources for disposal by Narcotics Bureau. (Mims) 

HB 1490 – Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act; revise certain provisions of. (Hamilton) 

Public Health
HB  535 – Farmers’ markets; authorize county and municipal governing authorities to donate funds for the support of. (Barker)

HB  540 – School property and facilities; authorize shared use agreements for public recreation and sports. (Barker) 

SB 2685 – Mississippi Uniform Anatomical Gift Act; delete repealer. (Burton) 

School Health
SB 2752 – Coordinated School Health Pilot Program based on federal model; authorize SDE and SDH to establish. (Tollison)

SB 2798 – Impose community service on minors for tobacco possession. (Hopson)

HB  317 – Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce; establish within UMMC. 

HB 1082 – Speech- Language Pathologists Master’s Degree Loan Forgiveness Program; establish. (Mettetal) 

HB 1537 – Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act; create and provide certain tax incentives for qualified businesses located in. (Smith 39th)

SB 2572 – USM; authorize to borrow funds to establish and operate a certified registered nurse anesthetist program. (Fillingane)