Highlights of the 2012 Legislative Session

The 2012 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature began on January 3, 2012, and ended on May 3, 2012.  The following is a list of selected health-related bills that were passed by the Legislature during this session (click on the bill number to access a copy of the bill):

Health Care Delivery System
SB 2670 – Patients Right to Informed Health Care Choices Act; enact. (Kirby)

Injury Prevention
HB 1203 – Motorcycle crash helmets; revise certain laws regarding. (Zuber)

HB 1281 – Pool enclosures; authorize municipalities to regulate. (Baria)

HB  703 – State employees health insurance plan; extend repealer on requirement that state pay certain amounts toward cost of. (Formby) 

HB  768 – State Health Insurance Management Board; revise to allow Commissioner of Insurance to be represented by his designee. (Chism) 

HB  997 – Deputy State Insurance Administrator; delete requirement that State Health Insurance Management Board must employ. (Chism) 

SB 2324 – Dental insurance; delete repealer on prohibitions against certain provisions in provider contracts. (Carmichael) 

SB 2586 – Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool Association; increase membership of board of directors. (Carmichael) 

HB  412 – Psychologists; extend repealer on the education and supervised experience requirements for licensure. (Formby) 

HB  417 – Physical therapists; extend repealer on certain provisions relating to licensing and discipline of. (Formby) 

HB 1151 – Certification to practice orthotics or prosthetics; exempt pharmacists and pharmacies. (Hamilton) 

SB 2526 – Professional art therapists; update educational qualifications for licensure. (Bryan) 

SB 2527 – Mississippi Respiratory Care Practice Act; make technical revisions to. (Bryan) 

SB 2700 – Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECC); provide for licensure by the State Department of Health and Medicaid reimbursement. (Bryan)

SB 2715 – Nursing home administrators; extend repealer on licensure requirements for. (Blount) 

HB  316 – Children’s Health Insurance Program; transfer administration of to Division of Medicaid.(Chism) 

HB  421 – Medicaid; extend repealers on various provisions in Medicaid program. (Formby)

HB 1297 – Health insurance claims; revise reciprocal time limitations for audits of claims made by Division of Medicaid. (Barker)

HB 1391 – Medicaid; develop and operate a data match system to verify assets of applicants and recipients. (Howell) 

Mental Health
SB 2710 – Mental health facility standards; not require psychiatrist assessment. (Sojourner) 

HB  423 – Prescription drugs; drug task forces shall collect from residential sources for disposal by Narcotics Bureau. (Mims) 

HB 1490 – Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act; revise certain provisions of. (Hamilton) 

Public Health
HB  535 – Farmers’ markets; authorize county and municipal governing authorities to donate funds for the support of. (Barker)

HB  540 – School property and facilities; authorize shared use agreements for public recreation and sports. (Barker) 

SB 2685 – Mississippi Uniform Anatomical Gift Act; delete repealer. (Burton) 

School Health
SB 2752 – Coordinated School Health Pilot Program based on federal model; authorize SDE and SDH to establish. (Tollison)

SB 2798 – Impose community service on minors for tobacco possession. (Hopson)

HB  317 – Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce; establish within UMMC. 

HB 1082 – Speech- Language Pathologists Master’s Degree Loan Forgiveness Program; establish. (Mettetal) 

HB 1537 – Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act; create and provide certain tax incentives for qualified businesses located in. (Smith 39th)

SB 2572 – USM; authorize to borrow funds to establish and operate a certified registered nurse anesthetist program. (Fillingane)