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Academic Health Centers: Governance Models and UMMC

In 2007 Mississippi was one of a very few states with no statewide hospital data reporting system, leaving significant gaps in information to guide policy and market decisions.  The intent of this report is to facilitate planning and implementation decisions towards establishing a health data program in Mississippi.

Mississippi Health Information Network

Mississippi Health Information Network (MSHIN) was dissolved in 2019 when it was not reauthorized by the State Legislature. To learn more about MSHIN while in operation please read our brief and to learn more about HIEs currently in operation visit SHIEC.

MS-HIN was authorized in 2010 and up for reauthorization in 2019. While MS-HIN was not re-authorized it was established as an independent organization to coordinate a statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE).  MS-HIN facilitated the secure exchange of electronic clinical information within its network that enabled provider access to patient health records at other locations.


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