Highlights of the 2017 Legislative Session

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

The 2017 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature convened on January 3, 2017, and adjourned Sine Die March 29, 2017. The Center for Mississippi Health Policy monitored selected health-related bills throughout the session, posting status updates on this page. Listed below are the health-related bills that were enacted during the session. Click on the bill number to access a copy of the bill and view its history. There are also links to legislative schedules, committee member listings, legislative deadlines, and daily calendars in the side bar to the left.


SB 2724 – Requires all motor vehicle passengers to wear a seat belt or use a child passenger restraint system.


HB 457 – Extends the repealer on the statutes that allow a personal care home resident to continue residing in a personal care home even if a licensing agency determines that skilled nursing services are appropriate for the resident.

HB 478 – Defines and provides for the licensure of post-acute residential brain injury rehabilitation facilities. Prohibits these facilities from participating in Medicaid.

HB 1425 – Creates the Occupational Licensing Review Commission to provide active supervision of occupational licensing boards. Requires occupational licensing boards to submit proposed regulations to the Commission for review.

SB 2372 – Authorizes the State Department of Health to issue up to five hospice licenses to applicants meeting certain circumstances and who apply before July 1, 2017, and to reinstate licenses for applicants whose license was temporarily suspended due to a federal audit.


HB 492 – Revises provisions of the long-term care facilities ombudsman act to conform to new federal regulations.


HB 456 – Extends the repealer on the Infant Mortality Reduction Collaborative.

HB 494 – Authorizes the State Department of Health to establish a Maternal Mortality Review Committee, provides immunity to those providing access to medical records, restricts disclosure or admissibility as evidence of data collected, and exempts the Committee’s records from the Public Records Act.


HB 1090 – Requires the Division of Medicaid to apply for approval to support the integration of eligibility systems between Medicaid and the Department of Human Services and to implement a computerized income, asset, residence and identity eligibility verification service with a third-party vendor and a computerized system to detect fraud and abuse by providers.

HB 1092 – Revises the qualifications for the Executive Director of the Division of Medicaid to remove specific degree and length of experience requirements.

SB 2138 – Adds the Chairman of the Senate Medicaid Committee to the Medicaid Medical Care Advisory Committee.


HB 460 – Extends the repealer on the statute prescribing medical examiner and pathologist fees for death investigations and autopsies.


HB 1089 – Authorizes the establishment of mental health diversion pilot programs.


HB 996 – Authorizes standing orders for opioid antagonists, expands the list of first responders authorized to administer opioid antagonists, requires training for pharmacists dispensing opioid antagonists under standing orders.

HB 1032 – Requires all licensed health care practitioners holding an active DEA number to register with the Prescription Monitoring Program.

SB 2194 – Revises the schedules under the Uniform Controlled Substances Law.

SB 2610 – Clarifies the use of cannabidiol in research of treatments for seizures and other medical conditions.


SB 2289 – Extends the repealer on the statutes establishing the State Board of Health and State Department of Health to 2021.


HB 926 – Authorizes UMMC, subject to approval by the IHL Board, to enter into joint purchasing arrangements for equipment, joint ventures, joint operating agreements, or similar arrangements with community hospitals or other public or private health-related organizations in order to participate in financial or clinical integration or clinically integrated networks and to provide for contracts of employment, services, and ownership of property under such arrangements. Provides health care practitioners working under these arrangements with coverage under the Tort Claims Act.


SB 2006 – Requires the State Department of Health to adopt regulations to specify the information to be provided in the written report furnished to patients receiving mammogram services.


HB 309 – Enacts the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact.

HB 422 – Expands the residency programs eligible for support from UMMC’s Office of Physician Workforce to any ACGME accredited graduate medical education training program and deletes the requirement that financial support awarded by UMMC be distributed over a three-year period.

HB 488 – Enacts the Nursing Licensure Compact.

HB 669 – Extends civil immunity to any licensed physician serving as “Doctor of the Day” for the Mississippi Legislature.

SB 2214 – Provides conditions under which an acupuncture practitioner may perform acupuncture on a patient and authorizes acupuncture to be performed without an evaluation by a physician for smoking addiction, weight loss, or substance abuse.

SB 2828 – Enacts the EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact.