Highlights from the 2013 Legislative Session

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

The 2013 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature began on January 8, 2013, and ended on April 4, 2013. The Center for Mississippi Health Policy monitored selected health-related bills throughout the session, posting their status on this page.

Listed below are the health-related bills that were enacted during the 2013 Regular Session.  Click on the bill number to access a copy of the bill.


Bills to reauthorize or fund Medicaid failed to be enacted.  A special legislative session may be called to further consider Medicaid reauthorization and appropriations before the new fiscal year begins on July 1.

Injury Prevention

SB 2383 — Driver’s license suspension; revise course requirements for alternative sentencing of minor offenders. (Lee).

SB 2457 — Highways; revise definition of off-road vehicle to include recreational off-highway vehicles and other new designs. (Simmons 13th)


Maternal & Child Health

HB 125 — Child Death Review Panel; extend repealer on. (Formby)



HB 301 — Prescription drug benefits; require use of a uniform prior authorization form by health insurers providing. (Howell)

HB 374— Health insurance; prohibit issuance of policy restricting insurer from assigning benefits to provider. (Chism)

SB 2209 — Telemedicine services; health insurance plans must provide coverage for to same extent as for in-person services. (Burton)

SB 2232 — Health discount plans; extend repealer on requirements for. (Carmichael)

SB 2780 — Lien in favor of providers of burn care; create. (Kirby)


Mental Health

HB 1169— Group purchasing programs by certain public hospitals and regional mental health centers; extend repealer on authority to participate in. (Formby).

SB 2342 — ICF-MR operated by Department of Mental Health; authorize transfer of beds to more appropriate setting for clients. (Kirby)

SB 2670 — Mental Health Reform Act of 2011; reenact and extend repealers.(Bryan)


Nutrition/Food Policy

HB 718— Interagency Farm to School Council; establish. (Barker)

SB 2553 — Cottage food operations; exempt from certain licensing requirements. (Hill)

SB 2687 — Prohibit local governments from requiring nutrition labeling of food. (Smith)


Pharmacy/Prescription Drugs

HB 777— Pharmacy benefit manager licensure statutes; delete repealers and increase licensure fee. (Hamilton).

SB 2795 — Women’s Health Defense Act of 2013; create. (Hill)


Public Health

HB 719— MS Individual On-Site Wastewater Disposal System Law; extend repealer on and revise various provisions of. (Mims)



HB 613— Crimes; prohibit distribution of alternative nicotine products to minors. (Smith 39th)



HB 69  —  Medical radiation technologists; extend repealers on registration statutes. (Formby)

HB 134 — Physician assistants; extend repealers on authority for issuance of temporary license to certain. (Formby)

HB 776— Mississippi Rural Dentists Scholarship Program; establish. (Mims)

HB 1162— Acupuncture Practice Act; extend repealer on.(Formby)

SB 2082 — Limited institutional medical license; authorize additional extension upon certain conditions. (Burton)

SB 2202 — State Department of Health regulations for advanced life-support personnel; define EMT-paramedic critical care. (Bryan)

SB 2302— Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Program; increase number of students. (Kirby)


Health Care Delivery System

HB 411— Hospices; prohibit issuance of new licenses for unless specifically authorized by legislation. (Bounds)

HB 722— Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act; revise requirements for certification of health care industry zones under. (Smith 39th)