Highlights of the 2010 Legislative Session

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

The 2010 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature began January 5, 2010 and ended in April. Listed below are selected health-related bills that passed during the session.  Click on the bill number to access a copy of the bill.

Child Health/School Health

SB 2581 extends the repealer on the statutes governing the Child Death Review Panel.

HB 1078 requires the Office of Healthy Schools in the State Department of Education to develop and implement the Healthier School Initiative to promote healthier school environments and to encourage schools to participate in the HealthierUS School Challenge.

HB 1079 requires the Office of Healthy Schools in the State Department of Education to provide comprehensive training on certain food service practices of local school districts.

HB 1228 requires child care facilities to provide parents with information about the risks of flu and availability of vaccines.

HB 1529 deletes the repealer on the statutes governing the System of Care for children with emotional or behavioral disorders and establishing the Interagency Coordinating Council for Children and Youth.  (The Center for Mississippi Health Policy has produced an Issue Brief, Building Mississippi’s System of Care: An Interagency Solution for Mississippi’s Children, that outlines the findings and recommendations from an assessment of the state’s system.)

SB 2644 prohibits smoking at public venues for youth sporting events.

Food and Nutrition

HB 1566 clarifies sales tax provisions regarding products sold at farmers’ markets certified by the Department of Agriculture.

Health Information Technology

HB 941 creates the Mississippi Health Information Network Act to facilitate the exchange of health information among health care providers in the state.

Public Health

HB 211 extends the repealer on the statutes governing the State Board of Health and State Department of Health.

HB 231 revises public notification requirements for drinking water quality reports.

HB 1067 requires the State Department of Health to establish a Nurse-Family Partnership Program.

HB 1192 requires the State Board of Health to adopt guidelines for Mississippi physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants that incorporate the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

SB 2524 names the State Public Health Laboratory the “Dr. F. E. ‘Ed’ Thompson, Jr. Mississippi State Public Health Laboratory.”

Mental Health

HB 1049 provides for implementation of Crisis Intervention Teams to provide mental health services.

SB 2645 continues the authority for the Joint Legislative Study Committee to meet.

SB 3004 updates the terminology used to refer to persons with mental retardation and includes medical and mental health treatment for children in the custody of the Department of Human Services under the EPSDT program.


SB 2127 provides for reciprocal limitations on claim filing and claim audits for health insurance claims.

SB 2554 creates the Mississippi Health Insurance Exchange Act.

SB 2744 authorizes the State and School Employees Health Insurance Management Board to assess active employees a portion of their health insurance premium.

Prescription Drugs & Pharmacy Practice

HB 1519 increases the maximum permitting fee for businesses engaged in the sale and distribution of prescription drugs.


HB 210 extends the repealer on the authority to grant temporary licenses to physician assistants.

HB 694 requires applicants for nursing licenses to undergo criminal background checks.

SB 2557 deletes the reverter and repealer on the requirements related to supervision of certified nurse practitioners by a licensed physician for insurance reimbursement.

SB 3014 creates the Bicycle Safety Act.